Small Group Training

  • Limited to a maximum of 8 people so each person gets attention from a qualified trainer
  • Workouts are different every week to create variety and the most effective physical workout
  • We don't do boot camps or throw around car tyres!
  • We work around your individual physical needs in a small class and modify each exercise to suit you
  • We undertake regular testing and measures to ensure you're improving
  • We regularly share information & resources with you through the small group sessions to keep you up to date and informed of new findings in exercise science or topical issues in health
  • You get to know a bunch of like-minded and friendly people and have some laughs

Here's what some of our clients say about Small Group Training...

  • Awesome!
  • Fun, efficient, keeps me motivated and honest
  • I know it's helped me to improve my fitness and my strength and it's helped me lower my blood pressure
  • Energizing, enlightening, exhausting (!), motivating, professional.
  • Helpful, fun, energetic, exercising!
  • Fun, tough but all pays off in the end, understanding with weakness, always different
  • Good size classes, flexible to injuries and ailments. Hugely encouraging.
  • Hard, fun, relaxed.
  • Reliable, Varied, Effective
  • Challenging and satisfying
  • Awesome , testing but not strenuous


Hi my name is Hilary and I participate in the Storey Sport small group training. The groups are made up of people of all ages and abilities. We work hard and have fun along the way. Working with someone who has expert skills in human physiology, nutrition and exercise makes all the difference especially if you have an injury or you are beginning an exercise programme and are not sure about how fit you are (or not). At 64 I really want to stay active as I age and the SGT helps me maintain strength and agility. I hate it when for whatever reason (usually work) I have to miss a class!

This is a testimonial from a 64 yr old who wouldn't be able to achieve her weekly workload without the Fitness training received from Storey Sport for the last 10 years. I work 3 days a week with no lunch breaks, look after grandchildren, mow the lawns on a steep bank and tend my vege garden. On Friday I take my 91 year old Mother shopping, then do my own shopping, accounts, and catch up with friends. I recently completed 5 weeks of riding 5-8 hrs a day on the back of a motor bike, and then began regularly riding my push bike at home. All of this is due to fitness training to keep my arthritis at bay and joints moving. Thanks Alison, I love the training and the variety of new exercises each week.

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